Condo Insurance in CA

When you buy a condominium, you are making a unique real estate investment.

Known in California as common interest developments, or CIDs, condos allow a person to own an individual housing unit within a property while sharing ownership of their common areas.

Condominiums are required by law in California to be managed by an association. The homeowners association, or HOA, elects a board and makes decisions about the property’s maintenance and use.

While the HOA will take out insurance coverage for common areas, like gardens and hallways, you are solely responsible for insuring your own unit.

How Condo Insurance Works

In some cases, an HOA may make condo insurance a prerequisite for purchasing a unit in their building. Alternatively, if you take out a loan to fund your condo, your mortgage lender might ask you to purchase insurance before they sign off on an agreement.

It’s in your best interests to purchase condo insurance, even if you aren’t obligated by either your HOA or lender.

Here’s why:

This form of coverage will help pay for repairs to your condo’s interior, including the walls and ceiling. It may also cover “built-in” elements that were there when you moved in, like fixtures and built-in bookcases.

Personal property includes items like furniture, clothing, appliances, and electronics. If there is an accident, like a burst pipe, such items may get damaged.

Personal property coverage helps you to replace or repair these items. You will need to determine how much your valuables are worth and secure coverage in this minimum amount.

Accidents happen. If you are entertaining and a guest gets injured—say, they cut themselves on broken glass—you may be held liable for the incident. In these cases, personal liability coverage pays for any legal expenses related to your guest’s medical bills.

Guest medical coverage takes personal liability coverage a step further: it provides coverage for medical expenses related to any injuries in your home, even if you aren’t directly to blame.

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A Word of Warning Regarding Condo Insurance

Before you purchase condo insurance, it’s important to check with your HOA. Some boards have guidelines regarding accepted providers or the minimum extent of coverage required.

Do your due diligence to ensure you secure a policy that meets your building’s needs. Unfortunately, disputes between HOAs and condo owners are common; doing the proper research can protect you against potential legal troubles.

Get Your California Condo Insurance Today

Insurance By Castle can help you find a California condo insurance that meets your personal needs and fits any guidelines put forth by your HOA.

We are a family-owned company, operating for three generations. When you come to us, you get personalized, detail-oriented service from industry experts. We will review your requirements to secure you the perfect policy.

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