Easy Rental Upgrades To Make Your Property Highly Desirable

Little details go a long way, especially in convincing potential renters your property is move-in ready.

After all, it’s in your best interest to decrease the stress these movers are already feeling.  

99% of the location and other details may be just what they’re looking for.  But if that 1% stands out in the wrong way…it’ll be time to interview other renters. 

And that’s the last thing you want, right?

Come along and learn how to make certain they’ll love it all…

Bathroom Rental Upgrades

Makeovers of your bathrooms needn’t be a drain on your budget.  Adding some style and character can be simple and free up more time to market your properties.

After the kitchen, these areas are the second most important spaces when people are making their final purchase decision.

So get these improvements right and they’ll move farther along the buyer’s journey.

Rental upgrades to integrate:

  1. Replace shower heads
  2. Switch out flushers on all toilets
  3. Purchase new toilet seats
  4. Invest in a nice toilet paper holder

Especially when dealing with married couples, these fine points matter a great deal.  “I absolutely LOVE this bathroom!” is what you’re aiming for here.

Now’s a good time for you to admire your hard work and improved restrooms.  

But don’t relax just yet, as this total makeover is catching some lucrative momentum.  Believe us…you want this.  Why?

Forward progress and perseverance today will help pay off the mortgage sooner.  

Rental Upgrades To Beautify Each Room

Breaking your project into smaller (and less overwhelming) pieces will bring it to completion much quicker.  

Of your remaining rooms, take them one at a time in whichever order makes sense with your specific floor plan.

Cosmetic upgrades for your rental:

  • Paint the walls
  • Brighten up faded outlet covers
  • Replace switch plates
  • Install coat hooks in the entryway
  • Swap out door knobs
  • Purchase a new kitchen faucet
  • Add floating shelves in corners 
  • Switch out current blinds with bamboo ones
  • Hang pendant lights in dark corners
  • Attach a picture rail in the living room
  • Lay small rugs in your hallways

Unsure of how to make these steps stand out aesthetically?  The good news is you don’t need to hire an interior designer.

YouTube, Pinterest, or performing a Google Search will deliver creative ideas from the pros.  

Proper lighting goes a long way, and doubles as a means to “shine” on new room additions.  Make sure your potential tenants don’t need to squint to see your home improvements.

Landlord Insurance Covers Your Rental Upgrades

Since you’re now breathing easier as you plan for the property showing, why not insure that makeover and protect your investment? 

Unforeseen circumstances shouldn’t stand in the way of steady rent income.  And just think, once your rental property is paid off…revenue will continually add cushion to your bank account.

Does that sound like a scenario you’d be okay with?

Contact us today for a quote on landlord or apartment insurance, and enjoy the confidence that decades of industry experience bring to your properties.

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