California Home Insurance

Your home is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make. Whether you’re settling a mortgage or paying monthly rent, you want to protect the place you inhabit – and the people and property it shelters.

Insurance By Castle provides comprehensive home insurance coverage so that you can rest easy.

Types of Home Insurance We Offer

From condo-owners to renters and landlords, we cater to every need.

Here’s an overview of our home insurance offering:

Our property insurance offering addresses two primary needs. First, dwelling insurance covers damage to a home’s structural elements. If a tree falls on your house, for example, it could pay for roof repairs.

We also provide property insurance to cover damages to goods inside the home, from furniture to electronics.

Our homeowners liability insurance covers the cost of injuries or damages that occur on your property. If a friend is visiting and is hurt – say, your dog bites them – this coverage kicks in.

If you rent your home, our renters insurance will provide coverage for property damage and liability issues (like the dog bite mentioned above) that occur under your roof.

If your apartment is damaged and becomes unlivable, your Insurance By Castle policy may also pay for the cost of temporary accommodation while it’s being repaired.

As a condo dweller, your homeowner’s association provides insurance for the larger property and common areas.

However, you need distinct insurance of your own to cover damage and liability within your unit. Our condo insurance has you covered.

This is a type of supplemental insurance that Insurance By Castle provides. You can get it in addition to a traditional home insurance policy to provide further coverage for pricier valuables, like jewelry.

If you’re a landlord, this insurance protects you in case your rental property is damaged. If the space becomes unlivable and requires renovations, for example, you will lose money on rent and repairs. CLICK HERE for our Landlord Insurance website!

Insurance by Castle Home Insurance

Protect Your California Home Now

Insurance By Castle offers affordable home insurance tailored to your needs. As an independent operator not affiliated with any insurer, we are free to scour the market and find the best deals for you. We also offer the option of combining home and auto insurance to reduce costs.

We have over 500 five-star reviews in the realm of landlord insurance, and our stellar reputation carries over into every area of the insurance industry we handle.

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