How Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas Leads to a More Profitable Rental

Walking his prospective renters through the immaculate kitchen, Roger’s anticipation built to a crescendo.

Would all that hard work in the backyard the previous month pay off in a big way?

Gripping the sliding glass door handle and pulling it open, he led the way.

“Oh my!”

Roger tried to stifle a smile as the couple followed up their shared exclamation by staring wide-eyed at the little slice of paradise he’d created.

Feeling one step closer to the rental agreement being signed, he gestured towards the lush area.

“What do you think?”  Of course he already knew the answer, but it was time to take the sale home.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Realtors always describe a well landscaped property as having “curb appeal,” but this should continue well beyond the front yard into any side areas and the backyard.

Before we dive into landscaping ideas however, it’s worth asking yourself three questions.

  1. Does the lease clearly communicate who’s responsible for maintaining the yard?
  2. What’s the best way to optimize the space?
  3. How much will the rent and property value increase because of the landscaping?

Replacing the current grass with an easier to maintain option will present an initial upfront cost, but save you in the long run.

A couple types that require infrequent watering and mowing:

  • Low water grass seeds (fescue mix)
  • No mow grass seed mixes (fine fescue mixed with ground cover seed)

The hardiness of both varieties makes life much easier for any future tenants to keep it up and enjoy year round.

Add in perennials which prevent soil erosion and display resilient, blooming beauty in any yard.  Secondarily their drought resistant nature negates a need for watering systems…a huge bonus.

Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas

Here in California, we always seem to be in a drought.  So choosing drought resistant plants like succulents and mixing those with hardscape materials (brick, stone, wood) is a great direction to go.

Called xeriscaping, you can incorporate:

  • Hardy grasses
  • Agave
  • Aloe
  • Cacti

Grass is highly desired by tenants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reduce the square footage devoted to it.

Here’s how to achieve that goal: 

  1. Mulch along fence lines, walkways, trees, and other plants
  2. Use rocks to form pathways and diminish the need to reseed
  3. Consider easy to grow spreading plants across the yard
  4. Use straight lines or gentle curves on all design elements
  5. Install a sitting area

There you go!  

Following these simple steps will reduce your ongoing expenses, and the water bill.  That’s especially important if your rental agreement has the tenants responsible for utilities. 

Landlord Insurance Covers Your Rental Upgrades

One final piece of information, know your local ordinances to ensure any landscaping upgrades comply. 

Now all that remains is highlighting the updates to your yard in the rental listing, and impressing those who come to look at it.  

And don’t concern yourself too much with that last part, all you have to do is open the sliding door and their eyes will do the rest.

Okay, you’ve invested time, energy, and money into beautifying the landscaping.  There’s only one question that remains.  

Do you have the proper coverage to place a metaphorical “greenhouse” over it and protect your rental property?

If not, contact us today for a quote on landlord or apartment insurance, and enjoy the confidence that decades of industry experience bring to your properties.

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