Should Landlords Install Security Systems In Their Rental Properties?

When you make the decision to become a landlord, one of your primary responsibilities is to maintain a residence in good, working condition. But one aspect that not all landlords consider when it comes to their property is security. It might seem like a needless expense, especially since it doesn’t need to be there in the same way as electrical power, or plumbing, but is that true? Here’s what security systems can do for your property.

Protect Your Investment

One of the most immediate benefits of a security system for your property is that it protects both you and your tenants. As the owner of a property, you certainly don’t want strangers barging in and, in all likelihood, damaging the property in the process. Break-ins also put your tenants at physical risk, which is an even bigger priority that you want to address.

A security system is a great way to protect your property, scaring off intruders that might otherwise  steal things or cause damage, and protecting the tenants that may be on the premises when a break-in occurs. This type of protection benefits both landlord and tenant alike.

Add More Incentive for Prospective Tenants

Having a security system in place is not just a comfort and sign of security for you, this also applies to people looking for a place to live. You’ll find that you have a selling point in your favor when people are considering their rental options because you’ve made an effort to provide even more peace of mind.

Don’t underestimate the power of offering a higher measure of safety and security for people that just want a good place to live. Added security protection is definitely a bonus when looking at the advantages of one property over another.

Deter Crime

Perhaps one of the most surprising things about the presence of a security system is not just the added safety for your property, or the people in it, but the way it can contribute to a greater sense of safety for the entire area.

The presence of an alarm system on a property is usually discreetly displayed somewhere on the property itself. It’s either a sign or a logo placed on the window that lets people know these systems are installed and working.

This is a very public announcement to anyone thinking of committing a crime that this particular property will make their life much more difficult, and considerably increase their chances of an arrest. That means that most thieves—looking for an easy opportunity—will bypass a property entirely when they know it has a system in place.

But not only does an alarm system dramatically reduce the odds of an actual break-in at your property, but it can also contribute to lowering the crime rate for the area. The more properties that invest in good security, the more troublesome an area becomes for crimes of opportunity, and the safer it becomes.

So, a security system, while it may seem like an added expense, has both financial and social value in protecting your property and the surrounding area.

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